Eliar Elektronik San. A.Ş. was established in Istanbul at 1984.
From date of establish to present, Eliar has been contributed to country economy by working on R&D and developing plenty of device, system and software for Textile, Glass Isolation, Ceramics and Chemistry. Besides, Eliar provides the industrial sectors to change their system as automation.

In 1984, started to produce automation system for glass factories and has been continuing its activities in domestic and abroad with developed Blending Preparetion Systemfor Glass, Construction Chemicals, Isolation and Ceramic sectors. End of 80s, started to service Textile Sector by producing control devices for fabric and yarn dyeing. Developed and designed by Eliar for textile dyeing machinery automation, advanced “Batch” control devices has been used in domestic and abroad since 1989.

Beginning from 1996, Studies on Mechatronics have started. The systems that provide to record and full-auto control of all dyeing process, with improved liquid/powder chemical weighing and distribution systems and dyeing control devices integrated of these systems has been produced. Thanks to developed by Eliar, centralised monitoring, planning and reporting software, the systems that integrated from dyeing machine to executive level has been produced.

Today, designed and projected by Eliar, devices and systems are being used in Turkey, Far East, Europe, Middle and South America, Asia, Middle East and Africa.



Date of birth : 1958

Education :

BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY | Computer Engineering (Master’s Degree) 1981-1982

BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY | Electronic Engineering (License) 1976-1981

Robert College 1973-1976



Date of birth : 1959

Education :

BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY | Electrical Engineering (License) 1976-1981

Ted Ankara College 1973-1976



Cement good relations with customers and work as long as we exist

Add value to customer and solve their problems by providing the proper solution. Give high quality and steady answer to their expectations. After sales, protect the values of product and service.

Be the best

Always do the best and aim to be best regardless of subject giving service or producing. As long as you exceed your own limits, you will be the best. We believe that.

Human Resoruce come first in our principle.

We have created a team of people beautiful in heart, human resource is an essential in order to build value. Quality service or product can be produced by qualified indivudials.

Open for improvement.

Being succesfull and improving the these success starts from create a system that is sustainable.

Commune with Art

We demonstrate our inspiration and production based on our artistic instincts. We are always engaged in artistic activities that our team friends are together.

Unconditionally adhere to the principles of business ethics and honest work.

Our existence as much as we can in life, so why not last forever. Ethics and honest work are the most important thing that would maintain us forever.

Contribute to create better world.

Main idea of every work we do, is to serve to this subject. Whatever we do, is for better, lovely and functional world.

Occupational Health and Safety

Providing a work environment in which our employees can carry out their activities with confidence and eliminating the risks that will prevent it from being established is a fundamental priority for Eliar. In this respect, occupational health and safety is managed with a systematic approach throughout Eliar

  • Regular review of applications,
  • Security of improvement and dissemination proposal,
  • Adoption of good practices,
  • Regular monitoring of work accident statistics, directing and developing a zero accident target,
  • The process of full harmonization of legislation is managed,

We are developing today’s needs and technologies without consuming the needs and resources of the next generation. This principle lies at the basis of the production methods and technologies we have developed for a sustainable life and production. Effective use of natural resources, environment and natural equilibrium to act in accordance with the principle of nature.

We will share announcements about our open positions in this area. We hope to stay on track.