Eliar Elektronik San. A.Ş. was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1984.

It has strengthened Turkish industry and economy with many devices, systems and software for sectors such as textile finishing, glass, insulation, ceramics and chemistry, and has made important contributions to automation of industrial sectors with its R&D studies since its establishment.

Industrial automation activities, which started with the production of automation systems for glass factories in 1984, continue with the batch plant systems developed for the glass, building chemical, insulation and ceramic industries in Turkey and also abroad.

By the end of the 80s, Eliar started to serve the textile industry by producing machine control devices. The advanced “batch” control devices designed and manufactured by Eliar for fabric and yarn dyeing as well as garment washing machines automation started to be used in Turkey and abroad since 1989.

Since 1996, the textile industry focus has been expanded and Eliar has started to work on mechatronic weighing and dosing systems. Eliar has developed liquid and powder chemical weighing and dispensing systems, and thanks to the control devices and automation software, it has delivered projects that integrate with the fabric, yarn dyeing and garment washing machines and the entire factory, ultimately enabling full automatic control and recording of the entire dyeing process.

With the central monitoring, planning and reporting software it has developed, Eliar delivers integrated systems from the processing machine level to the factory management level.

Today, control devices and integrated automatic dosing systems designed and manufactured by Eliar are in use in Turkey as well as many other regions such as Far East, Europe, North – Central and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.



Date of birth : 1958

Education :

BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY | Computer Engineering (Master’s Degree) 1981-1982

BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY | Electronic Engineering (License) 1976-1981

Robert College 1973-1976



Date of birth : 1959

Education :

BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY | Electrical Engineering (License) 1976-1981

Ted Ankara College 1973-1976



Having cement good relations with customers and working together with them for the same goal.
To create value for our customers, to solve their problems by offering the most appropriate solutions. To meet project expectations on time and in the highest quality. In addition, to provide technical support on time and with maximum efficiency after sales.

To be the best.
We aim to offer the best systems and engineering services at competitive costs to our customers.

In team work we trust.
We are a hardworking team that loves their professions, working in harmony with each other.

Forward, always forward.
For the last 36 years, everyday we are increasing our experience and know how even faster with our high interest in research and learning.

Commune with culture and art.
We do our job both with an engineer’s discipline and with an artist’s sensitivity and aesthetics. We always support the artistic activities of our colleagues.

Unconditionally adhere to the principles of business ethics and honest work.
In our relationship with our customers and teammates, our priority is always business ethics and honest working principles.

Contribute to create a better world.
Main idea of every work we do, is to serve to this subject. Whatever we do, is for a better, lovely and functional world.

Occupational Health and Safety
It is a priority for Eliar to provide a work environment where our employees can carry out their activities safely and to eliminate all the risks that may prevent the establishment of this environment.

  • Regular review of applications,
  • Development of suggestions for improvement and dissemination,
  • Ensuring the adoption of effective practices,
  • Systematic monitoring of the work accident statistics, developing and following zero – accident policy,
  • Full compliance with the legislation.

We take care not to consume the resources of future generations while meeting the needs of today and developing the technologies of the future. This principle lies at the basis of the production methods we prefer and the technologies we develop for a sustainable life and production. We adopt the principle of acting in accordance with the efficient use of natural resources, the nature of the environment and natural balance.

In this area, we will share announcements about job opportunities that may arise in our company. If you are interested, we wish you to follow this area and contact us if there is a convenient opportunity for you.