ADW | Fully Automatic Powder Dyestuff Weighing, Dissolving and Dispensing System


We know you want to speed up your dyeing process while achieving the highest quality with repeatabilty and maximum efficiency.

ADW will help you;

  • Speed up your process and increase your total dyeing capacity.
  • Ensure repeatable quality with precise dyestuff weighing, dissolving and dispensing technology.
  • Ultimately to bring highest efficiency for your investment with least space, no queing in dyestuff preparation and stockless working using JIT (Just in Time) methodology.

More Capacity | Less Space | Repeatable Quality



Repeatable Quality

ADW-Innovative Just in Time (JIT) Dyestuff Weighing, Dissolving and Dispensing System

The new ADW has the most innovative features as;

Weighing and dissolving simultaneously to speed up to dyestuff preparation,

  • The “Modular In-Hopper System” allows silo quantity options from 16 to 80,
  • Handling all operations in a very small space with its compact design,
  • Just in Time dispensing without keeping any stocks of weighed dyestuff, no need for kegs or parking area,
  • “Double Axis Process System”; double up the speed of process, allowing maximum 10 kg of dyestuff weighing and dissolving at only 7,5 minutes with only 20 mg tolerance!

ADW, designed with Eliar’s engineering and assurance is a state of art result of 35 years experience.
As the leading actor worldwide with its range of automation products for textile industry, Eliar now aims to solve dyestuff weighing, dissolving and dispensing problems of dyehouses with its new design ADW.