CDD | Powder Dyestuff Dissolving and Dispensing System


It is very difficult to dissolve powder dyestuff homogeneously and dispense the solution right on time with conventional methods. ELİAR CDD is offering a practical way out to these problems and thanks to its smart learning technology, it automatically analyse the recipe and select the best dissolving parameters (temperature, mixing time, liquor ratio etc.) accordingly.

When the dissolving is complete and the solution is ready to be dispensed to dyeing machine tank, CDD uses its revolutionary multiline distribution system and completes the dyestuff transfer without any contamination risk.

Automatic Analyse of the Recipe

Homogenous Dissolving

Neat and Clean


CDD takes the complete responsibility of dyestuff dispensing in your dyehouse and works very smoothly without any problem. With the advantage of smart learning system, CDD transfers all recipes without any delays even for sequential recipes consisting of different types of powder dyestuff. To achieve this, CDD controls all dissolving parameters and carefully sets the values considering the type and the amount of recipe content. Once the system learns the recipe and creates its dissolving scenario, the recipe can be repeated and CDD guarantees same result each time.

After dissolving the recipe, ELİAR signature multiline distribution system ensures centralised control of all transfers and valve free dispensing from CDD to dyeing machine tank.

Thanks to its compact design and internal equipments, maintenance and repair costs are minimised.

Designed with ELİAR engineering and assurance, CDD is the state of art outcome of 35 years of experience in automation field. ELİAR, as one of the leading actors worldwide with its range of automation products for textile industry, is offering practical help for powder dyestuff dissolving and dispensing steps with the aim of faster and safer dyeing processes.