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Eliar Elektronik is an industrial automation company with 37 years of experience. Today, control devices, sensors and integrated automatic dosing systems designed and manufactured by Eliar are in use in Turkey as well as many other regions such as Far East, Europe, North – Central and South America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

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About Us

We are looking for highly motivated teammates with the following responsibilities to work on Smart Sensors & Embedded Systems team in R&D Center of Eliar, İstanbul.

You will be part of a dynamic team, responsible for designing, developing and testing the state of art, next generation industrial smart sensors, programmable automation controllers and operator control & monitoring devices.

Embedded Systems Engineer

• Design and development of embedded Linux software
• Focusing on Linux kernel development, user space applications and software performance analysis
• Real-time firmware development and debugging in C/C++ for bare-metal and RTOS applications.
• Integration of the industrial communication protocols, Ethernet/IP, OPC UA, IO-Link etc.

Hardware Design Engineer

• Define and build the schematics including sensor readout & driver circuits, communication interfaces and power management
• Design, test, and characterize mixed-signal and multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) containing high-speed lanes and high-frequency components (preferably with Altium Designer)
• Good understanding of best PCB design practices and EMC/EMI compliance
• Debugging with test and measurement equipment

Mechanical Engineer

• Structural, flow/heat and multiphysics simulations and optimization
• Mechanical design and documentation (preferably with Autodesk Inventor)
• Integration of manufacturing methods such as machining, plastic injection molding, metal casting into mass production

Computer Engineer

• Define and design data layers of collected data from our IIoT devices and prepare data for data analytics, data science and visualization requirements
• Create data consolidation pipelines and working on analytics, data mining and visualisation requirements
• Knowledge and experience of Python and pandas, scipy, scikit-learn and related libraries
• Experience of data visualization and related tools such as Power BI
• Experience of Docker
• DKnowledge and experience of relational databases ( MSSQL, PostgreSQL ) and SQL, NoSQL time-series databases ( InfluxDB )


• Enjoy working on challenging projects funded by TUBITAK, KOSGEB and EU
• Encouragement for pursuing graduate studies
• Open environment to university-industry collaboration
• Centrally located (Esentepe, Şişli)

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