RD96 | RD96 | Multi Line Liquid Chemical Dispensing System


Considering the sensitivity of the fabric and yarn dyeing processes, the importance of using right liquid auxillary chemicals with the right amount and on the right time is crystal clear. Lots of varieties of chemicals are used, different processes require different timings in feeding the chemicals and it is nothing more than the nature of dyeing process itself. So, automatic dispensing is a serious task and inevitable step in order to improve quality, repeatability, efficiency and costing.

ELIAR RD96 is the fastest and the most reliable liquid chemical dispensing system ever built in the world with its revolutionary multi lined chemical selection and distribution units.

Right on Time, Exact Amount

Valve Free Installation

Risk Free Dispensing


Regardless of the capacity of your dyehouse or the types of liquid auxillaries you are using, RD96 is dedicated to be the one and only system to automate your chemical transfers in your processes. The customised design for allocation and installation of RD96 is ensuring the opportunity for all type textile factories to have the automatic dispensing.
Single system can dispense total 33 liquid chemicals to 46 individual dyeing machines with the speed of 40 L / minute and the capacity of 800 transfer / day. ELİAR RD96 is the ultimate solution to automate liquid auxillary chemicals for textile industry.

Designed with ELİAR engineering and assurance, RD96 is the state of art outcome of 35 years of experience in automation field. ELİAR, as one of the leading actors worldwide with its range of automation products for textile industry, is offering the most advanced systems to automate liquid chemicals dispensing with the aim of faster and safer dyeing processes with improved quailty, repeatability and costing.